Posted by: rolfsky | December 3, 2006

Ogg, Trog and Blogg discuss the sunrise called “web 2 point oh”

Though they could really spend all morning watching the sunrise, discussing how lovely it was, and trying to ignore irate squirrels, Ogg and Trog thought that it would be best to make their way down the hill towards the rest of their tribe. Slowly they picked their way through the brush, a pinkish glow lodged between their ears and resonating with the memory of something nearly indescribable.

Luckily for them, Blogg too had seen the sunrise from a different vantage point and had run without stopping back to the smoky encampment. As he fumbled over words gasping for breath, trying to atriculate what he’d seen, Ogg cleaned his throat and stated clearly, “I call it web two point oh, but we can shorten that to Web 2.0”.

“Yeah, yeah, THAT’S what it is!” chimed in Blogg, “it’s Web 2.0 and it’s glorious.”

“Well it’s nice to have a name — though it really doesn’t make any sense to me — but what IS it?” Flogg asked the assembled witnesses. Ogg, Trog, and Blogg all raised their chins as if to speak, then pursed their lips and drew them to one side nearly in unison. Wrinkles appeared on their foreheads like hands soaked too long in water and their fingers retracted from a poised pre-pointing position. A bird chirped.

“Well, it was really amazing, you’ll all just have to come and see,” stammered Blogg.

“Mostly it was just simple and pretty,” Trogg volunteered


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