Posted by: rolfsky | December 15, 2006

why it no longer makes sense to compare MySpace to yahoo

It was recently reported that MySpace had finally eclipsed Yahoo in terms for popularity.

This, is bunk-um.

“Why, why?” you ask? Because the users of the respective services treat them entirely differently.

As the web and MySpace has evolved, MySpace could be considered the poster-child for a new type of interaction: “web pages as applications”

Ask any ferocious MySpace user what it means to them and you’ll get answers that sound more like they are talking about some other killer apps, such as email or (long ago) newsgroups than describing some traditional website.

In this regard, comparing clicks or pageloads or dwell on MySpace servers to the same at Yahoo is as spurious as comparing the time spent in Outlook by the working masses to the time spent browsing Slashdot.


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