Posted by: rolfsky | January 5, 2007

approachable investment

My new phrase is “approachable investment” and it takes the place of “lower barriers to entry” as in: “with LAMP as a pre-configured platform, the thought of setting up a web 2.0 company suddenly became an approachable investment.” Which brings me to “Joe’s Goals”, something that a few years back wouldn’t have been an approachable investment. In today’s environment, a few chums can whip together something quite cool to keep track of your bad and good habits. From Joe’s Goals about-us page:

Inspired somewhat by Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues, I built Joe’s Goals to make it stupidly simple to create, track, and share your personal goals. It is a productivity application that is actually easy enough to use.
Joe’s Goals uses Yahoo’s Javascript Library, the FamFamFam free icon library, Tango Icon Library, Spiffy Corners, MySQL, and ColdFusion.The blog uses WordPress and a theme designed by In My Pad. Oh, and we recommend FireFox.

Notice that in just one paragraph, they’ve summarized a monumental amount of investment, most of which didn’t cost them a dime:

Yahoo’s Javascript Library – AJAX, animation, timers. and drag and drop effects
FamFamFam free icon library – professional quality icons and interaction elements
Tango Icon Library – more free icons and buttons
Spiffy Corners – solving the age old dilemma of rounded corners in CSS
MySQL – an enterprise-grade database, free!
WordPress CMS – for their news blog
“In My Pad” theme – to make their wordpress look neato

Looking at the projects listed above, I think it’s easy to assume that literally millions of hours — and even more dollars — have gone into their development. These millions of hours are hours that Joe’s Blog didn’t have to spend when they thought about creating their simple to-do list. Deduct a few million hours from the beginning of a project, and “poof!”, suddenly whipping up a web-app in a weekend becomes a wholly approachable investment.



  1. […] something changes in the environment, reducing, or lowering the barrier, and suddenly, the activity becomes an approachable investment […]

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