Posted by: rolfsky | January 19, 2007

the passion and the push

If you are like me, frequently you find your nose buried in something that your friends, lovers or loved-ones find impossible to understand. Maybe they don’t see what’s so important, or want you to go outside and go some sunshine. But we labor on, tinkering and hobbying away at something, rationality be damned.

In those countless hours we spend refining and trimming, making something work or look just the way we like it, we are skill building. And better than any type of enforced learning that could be impressed upon us, because we’re actively engaged working towards our own goals. But what does it all end to? Will my playing at one thing ever amount to anything more than a pile of invoices to be paid? Well, that’s up to you.

The subtle art, is to then apply those niche skills in your working life. Chances are that if you’re building up niche skills which have no relation to your job, you should quit your job.

Our hobbies show us our passions, and if we’re not passionate about what we do, then we might as well not be doing it.

I have personally found that my interests and hobbies come back to me at the oddest moments, because I liked doing it then, and I’ve subtly influenced my path to bring me where I am now.

SO find what it is that gets you going, and figure out why. If you’re not feeding those goals, you’re slowly dying every time you punch in and punch out.


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