Posted by: rolfsky | April 18, 2007

welcome Web 2.0 EXPO’ers

Howdy all!

Thank you for attending my presentation of “Web 2.0++: Why We Got Here and What’s Next“. From the feedback I received, I declare it a success!

There’s no 495-slide deck to download right this second, but it should be coming soon after I decide where to host it.

EDIT:  You can download the presentation here.

One attendee mentioned that he’d made an audio recording of my presentation, so I’ll try to sync that up with the deck by the end of the week. The video will appear on my youtube account. Right now, the only video there is my kitten falling off a couch.

I would also like to thank everyone who came to meet me personally after the presentation and express their words of encouragement. I’m glad to know that my viewpoint is appreciated and recognized.

If you’d like to see my presentation in person again, I’ll be presenting at:

eBay Developer’s Conference in June
OSCON in Portland for July

Stay tuned and feel free comment below.



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