Posted by: rolfsky | April 22, 2007

Web 2.0 EXPO (follow up)

You probably want the presentation that I presented at the Web 2.0 Expo. It was nearly 500 slides in 40 minutes, 496 to be exact.

You can download a PDF copy here: Web 2.0++: Why we got here and What’s Next
(courtesy of another eBay presenter Alan Lewis, hosted on his blog)

LukeW has posted a summary of my talk on “Form Following Function” blog. The fact he could even take notes with the 500 slides going is impressive, but his summary is also lets me know a few points I should focus on more.

Dirk Ollmetzer has also posted a review in German which is wholly positive I think. In my version of the translation, he ends with “ Respect for it!” Original and Translated.

“leeclw” included a short summary on his blog mainly focusing on my concept of approachable investment, but also speculated : “I guess the question that begs is whether such approachable investment would have returns or not? I suppose small risk, small reward?” Stay tuned for your answer. :^)

I’ve also been invited to give the same talk at EMERCE in the Netherlands in the middle of September, but who knows if the birds of the Salton Sea will remain in the deck. Maybe I need a new example? You tell me.



  1. […] EDIT:  You can download the presentation here. […]

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