Posted by: rolfsky | May 16, 2007

SF Bay ACM meeting

Web 2.0++: Why We Got Here and What’s Next

Date: Wednesday, 16 May 2007, 6:30 PM
Location: Hewlett Packard (see directions), Pruneridge and Wolfe, Cupertino, Bldg. 48, Oak Room.
Cost: Free and open to all who wish to attend, but membership is only $10/year.


The pony express. Towns in Kansas. Claude and Ignace Chappe. Birds of the Salton sea. How are these related? The Web is full of lists describing the “what” of Web 2.0, but where is the list of the reasons “why?” Through an examination of the past, learn why Web 2.0 was a pre-destined consequence of social psychology, military dollars, and determined hackers and entrepreneurs.

  • Humans are driven by a fundamental set of goals and desires
  • These desires can be traced in our development of various technologies
  • These desires correlate to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • Highly successful companies recognize and cater to these needs
  • Web 2.0 made possible incredible amounts of innovation because tech is so cheap!
  • The types of things we are pursuing with Web 2.0 match the Maslow chain
  • “The web” will disappear as we know it
  • Things being internet-enabled will cease to be novel, just as things being electrified are no longer novel
  • So we should all focus on producing products/services which extend the human experience, whether by delighting or empowering our users.

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