Posted by: rolfsky | June 14, 2007

eBay DevCon !

Yay: for eBay DevCon in Boston.
Boo: for trans-continental flights (even with leather seats and personal DirectTV) resulting in a 3 hour time difference

Yay: for fresh fish grilled nicely.
Boo: for not bringing my hat and getting slightly burned the first day

Yay: for everybody that attended DevCon and especially my presentation.
Boo: for turbulence after eating Johnny Rocket’s for dinner on the way home

I’m back from Boston and still catching up on regular diet, regular sleep, and regular days. On the whole I think the DevCon was a success with much networking, exploring and being exposed to our (eBay’s) cadre of external developers. I received much positive feedback on the latest iteration of my Web 2.0 deck even if the most frequent question was to ask me how many slides it was.



  1. Hi Rolf..great talk at devcon. Also I think I especially enjoyed watching you hang upside down covered in blue paint..hehe. I live the blue dot pic on your blog.’re in my video about devcon..not the best pic of you but it’s what was on my camera..


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