Posted by: rolfsky | July 9, 2007

the “what we couldn’t do before” pattern tricks us

Whatever “it’s all about” right now, is what was hard for us to do before…

The pattern goes like this:

    1. we have a gamut of things we can do, some of them are more resource intensive than others
    2. the more resource intensive activities we do less of because they are more expensive
    3. a partial vacuum is created between “desire” and action, a certain pent-up want do do what we can’t
    4. something changes in the environment, reducing, or lowering the barrier, and suddenly, the activity becomes an approachable investment
    5. as more people start approaching the investment, everyone notices the flow towards the partial vacuum
    6. sensing this movement, there is an assumption that whatever it is people are moving towards, is AWESOME! (and, has unlimited capacity and appeal)
    7. poof! the dollars appear to chase that new market! yay!

      The problem here isn’t so much the investment into a new market, it’s the perception that whatever this new thing is can solve the world’s problems, make you incredibly desirable to the opposite sex, and make us all fabulously rich.

      The phrase: “It’s all about …” — it’s not what it’s all about.

      The removal of a partial vacuum creates a temporary flow which falsely gives the impression of much larger constant flow. That’s not to say that there is no market, but the market doesn’t live up to the attention it’s being given at the time.

      So, listen with your clever ears for the sentence which starts: “it’s all about…” and try to see where people are throwing their passion now.



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