Posted by: rolfsky | September 14, 2007

slide deck from EMERCE

Howdy all.

So the is over, but the presentation goes on. Many of you have asked for my presentation to be posted on slideshare so I took the jump and uploaded for the very first time. Embedded above you will find the Web 2.0 presentation that I presented from eBay at EMERCE on September 13th in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Above this sentence you will find a carefully constructed sentence created to capture as many search engines as possible. One day after and I’m sitting in the comfortable offices of Marktplats with rain pouring down outside. Here’s to the Netherlands, international travel, 2 Euro coins, and flying home in a few days.



  1. Hi Rolf, read your presentation. Really liked it. Bottom line to me is that you always need to remember the lessons learned earlier and use that to do things better now. I think companies have a hard time doing that, as their instinctive behavior when screwing up is to fire people, instead of learning from mistakes and doing it better next time. thinking about customer need is easy to say, but hard to do.

  2. Hi Rolf — just saw you do this presentation here at eBay. I really liked it — thanks for taking the time. I also wanted to mention some theories in addition to Maslow that might explain some of the behavior we see in online social networks, and what that might mean for the future of online networks. Specifically, I’m talking about the theories of Social Capital and Structural Holes. I wrote some (rather lenghty) posts on that recently:

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