Posted by: rolfsky | October 29, 2007

possible presentations for Web 2.0 EXPO 2008?

So, the call for papers went out for Web 2.0 EXPO and my team huddled to discuss what we should toss into the evaluation. About a dozen ideas were thrown up on the board including two of my own design. I am thinking that I will develop one or both of these two presentations for my 2008 talking circuit.

The major tracks of Web 2.0 EXPO 2008 are as follows:

  1. Strategy & Business Models
  2. Marketing & Community
  3. Design & User Experience
  4. Fundamentals
  5. Web 2.0 Services & Platforms
  6. Development & Web Operations

The first thought I had was to extend my well-played “Web 2.0” presentation into the next generation. While I promised “Web 2.0: Why we got here and what’s next”, I focused less on the what’s next aspect. Given that, I could present:

Equipping the Digital Voyagers
Christopher Columbus. Neil Armstrong. The kid with a cellphone next door. Equipped with the most modern of technology, these are all explorers of their own worlds. To aid them each has selected a few tools in their challenge to not only survive but also document and communicate their discoveries through time and space. Perched on the edge of this web-world, what tools will be build them next, and who will lead?

The second talk that I could give is a more general-interest talk, but something that I’ve been mulling over for a while now:

Get Spun: how to embrace the opportunity in change
What’s in the making of a good business model? Why do some businesses explode while others slowly fade out? We all intuitively know what business is “about” but somewhere along the line we forget why we’re doing this in the first place. Come and we’ll explore a simple model for finding, understanding, and embracing the opportunity in change.

Alright, so who wants to come to these talks?

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  1. I’m there.

    In particular, I’d be most interested in the second presentation. “Change” often carries a negative connotation but it is, ultimately, a main element of any successful opportunity. Identifying areas of opportunity, or deficiency, and quickly/simply addressing them encompasses both the opportunity for business growth and the opportunity for change.

  2. Rolf, difficult choice. I might settle for both 😉 I like the first because it is user centric, and I like the second because it might just tackle the “how to get out of the web 2.0 trap” I have been reading and writing about.
    So the typical Dutch response for you (we call it a poldermodel) do both and make us all happy!

  3. […] expo 2008 conference. (this after I confessed to him that in a moment of inspiration while reading his blog entry about the conference, I decided to submit a presentation). More on what I would like to present […]

  4. I’d check out the second, but both sound interesting.

  5. […] lies opportunity. Serve the needs of humans and there is always a place to make money (or “Get Spun“). So for all the innovators out there, here is what I want, and what I consider the Right […]

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