Posted by: rolfsky | November 1, 2007

the day is in the details

Why does SuperPoke have 1.5million daily active users? Well… how else are you going to fill up the researcher’s notebooks?
The more that I use Twitter the more that I realize that much of life is experienced in two-second clips. Initially I was reluctant about Twitter, but now I find myself signing up for a $4.99/month text-messaging plan so I don’t feel guilty about sending the messages off at 15 cents apiece.

Whether we know it or not, we are deeply social creatures. When primate research scientists are monitoring a monkey or ape, one set of their observations are merely based on how many times the subject bites, barks, grooms, shares with, or approaches other animals. Our day is also in the details. A researcher watching us would similarly mark the time in looks, grins, grunts, Twitters and cries.

The foundations of the internet lay in long-form communication. Shared scientific research papers, lengthy emails, and rambling newsgroups. Interestingly enough, much of our lives doesn’t take 30 minutes to compose, but is as simple as raising your hand to chest level, holding your palm facing another individual, and moderately moving it back and forth while smiling.

If social networks have taught us anything, they have taught us that we like to know what’s going on whether it’s a glance in the hallway, or an updated status message. Not everything needs to be a lengthy email, because much of what we “talk” about just doesn’t translate to the long-form.

From a service standpoint, this explains to me why SN’s have become so popular and also why they will inevitably be driven open. They do fulfill a profound gap in our lives on the internet, but who wants to only be able to wave to “certain friends”?

I for one, am still Twittering and making my little tweets over in the corner. 🙂


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