Posted by: rolfsky | January 22, 2008

what do you want to see at Emerce 2008?

I don’t know that I’ve shared this with many people, but I have been asked to be on the advisory board for Emerce 2008. The other day I received an email from Rebecca (one of the organizers and my main contact at Emerce) asking me if I had any “good ideas” for speakers or themes.

I’m not sure if it’s public yet, so I won’t divulge the main theme of the conference for 2008, but I will say that feedback from the 2007 attendees wished for more “inspirational” speakers, maybe even from some highly-respected world brands.

So here’s the list that I jotted off but I’m open to more suggestions… post some comments and I’ll pass them on

David Recordon, Open Platforms Tech Lead, Six Apart

somebody from “Flock“, the social web browser

Tara Hunt is always a good speaker

Kathy Sierra if she’s back on the speaking circuit

Chris Messina has various projects that are interesting (including microformats and OAuth, OpenID, etc)

somebody from Nokia or the Android project, talking about openness in mobile/software

my wife recommends Rob Lanphier from Linden Lab working on OpenSource

on the topic of inspiring: I can HIGHLY recommend Bill Strickland
I saw him speak at eBay the other day and he tells a very inspiring and life-affirming story



  1. I would like to have Danny Sullivan speaking at the Emerce 2008. Although he’s mainly focused on search marketing, I think he can be of much value.

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