Posted by: rolfsky | March 16, 2009

dear twitter bashers: get off my lawn!

former colleague fmbillwatt points us towards this very amusing segment attempting to explain the Twitterverse: “The Twouble with Twitters”

The confusion between the haves and have-nots is essentially one of savvyness: the old-guard incorrectly assumes the content has decreased while the initiation cost has stayed the same.

This is akin to yelling,

“stop Twittering, you’re WASTING all THAT PAPER with your mindless drivel!!”

It’s only been in our recent history of written and correspondence that we’ve felt the need to make communication it “worth it”. The Ten Commandments were only carved into stone tablets announced with a brushfire because they set the foundations of Western society.

Detractors of Twitter also think that just 140-character snippets of daily life are somehow going to “devalue” all communication. The main refrain is not a new one:

” doesn’t making something this short ultimately dilute all experience? ultimately leading to ruin, chaos, and alienation?”

If you think that 140 characters is too little space to say anything meaningful, we’ve forgotten that the beauty of the tribe is built on short grunts, cries, hoots, and hollers.

The noise of the tribe, is fundamental to who we are.

(and now we’re getting it back.)


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