Rolf Skyberg

Senior Search Product Manager and Speaker, eBay, Inc.

Having held such titles as “Disruptive Innovator”, “Researcher”, and “Quality Assurance Engineer”, I’ve seen all aspects of the ecommerce ecosystem from beginning to end. During my career, I have focused on inspiring new ways of approaching problems and exploring them from a holistic viewpoint.

My investigations in those areas have yielded patent filings in areas such as social commerce, item categorization, and delivery verification systems. I have a BS in Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis with additional studies in System Science. In addition, I’ve been a featured speaker at a variety of domestic and international conferences including OSCON’07 ’09 ’10, Web 2.0 EXPO, Marketing 2.0, IBM Research Labs, the Norwegian Business Institute,  Adobe, and the South by Southwest Interactive.

I also serve on the advisory board of Innovation Exchange, a company that seeks to deliver open innovation for Global 5000 companies. By opening up innovation to everyone who wants to participate, Innovation Exchange enables companies to absorb ideas from globally rich and diverse community of innovators.

Note: though I work for eBay, this blog does not reflect the opinions or statements of eBay, Inc.



  1. Hi Rolf,

    I certainly enjoyed your presentation at eday2007 last Thursday in Rotterdam. Wondered if I could get a copy of your slides?


  2. Hi Corne-

    The deck is hosted on Slideshare, here:


  3. hello from japan rolf, randomly found your slideshow on slideshare and had to say i really enjoyed it. great stuff. goodluck

  4. […] Rolf Skyberg’s presentation at the Web 2.0 conference titled Web 2.0: Why we got here and what’s next is extremely interesting, quite funny and really well done. […]

  5. […] Rolf Skyberg is a ‘Disruptive Innovator’ at eBay.com. Last week I asked him about his opinion on what the future of eBay looks like, what he thought about the rumors that eBay might sell Skype and about his vision for the future of eBay in general. […]

  6. Mr. Skyberg,

    Just a quick message to say I am so proud of you. Keep the Skyberg name strong!!! Have an awesome and blessed life!

  7. I love your Customer Engagement presentation – I have a question – when you presented that in person – were you flying through the slides behind as you spoke – with such wonderful simplicity I’m wondering how you used it in person?

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